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Name:  Phulmaya Tamang

Phulmaya is physically disabled, 31 years of age. Her parents Purna (father) and Charimaya Tamang (mother) had given her birth in 2035 B.S at Ramechhap Ward no 7, Janakpur zone. Including her, she has 4 brothers and sisters in her family. She is illiterate. She never had been to the school; not even in her childhood as the condition of her family is very poor. They usually do the work in the other\'s field from which they could get the wages for their survival.


Actually, such tender situation was happened suddenly at the age of 6; after she got the high fever. She was taken to the different hospital but it wasn\'t cured. And finally, it made her disabled. In the starting days of her disability, she could just crawl from one place to another. That time she didn\'t know about any equipment which she could use to make herself comfortable. Once, she came to know about our project, she came here with lots of hope.


After her every IQ test and other exams, she was chosen for the special project. For that, she was given trainings of uses of wheel chair, three months embroidery course. She has done well in the period of training. So, the project gave her an opportunity of working as well.


She has completed her working opportunity with the special project. During the time, she builds up the confident level more. Now, she says,\" I have thought to work in the field of embroidery. I am just searching the place. I am in the process. \"She likes owner herself one \'Embroidery workshop\' in the district headquarters of Ramechhap.

Whatever she has gained from the period of 1 year, she likes fulfilling it doing practically. She is happy with her decision. And finally she ends saying,\" I haven\'t dreamt that I could make some desire to be fulfilled. It is all possible due to the support and help of TSDCBD\".    

Key Aims & Objectives of TSDCBD
  • To eliminate superstitious beliefs, such as those which hold that blindness & disability are a curse of God.
  • To demonstrate that blind and disabled people are capable workers.
  • To boost the morale of blind & disabled people by giving them training and to help them to find suitable jobs.
  • To enhance the socialisation process of people with disabilities by creating a positive attitude towards disability.
  • To build the capacities of people with disabilities so that they may claim their rights and entitlements from society and the state.
  • To support people with disabilities to be self-reliant through social, economic and medical rehabilitation.
tsdcbdsuccessfull stories

Phulmaya is physically disabled, 31 years of age. Her parents Purna (father) and Charimaya Tamang (mother) had given her birth in 2035 B.S ....................................... + Read More