On-going Programs:
Volunter & Internship

TSDCBD recognizes the important contribution that volunteers and internees can make to our services and to the lives of the people who use our services. We will seek to actively recruit for volunteers/internees with the skills and motivation to assist with these activities. Due to cost considerations, TSDCBD will only recruit volunteers to support the areas identified below.

  Internships: Individuals who are seeking to further their career in the field of social care and would like to gain some experience of working with differently abled people. We are particularly interested in applications from students undertaking a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree.

  Specific skills: TSDCBD offers a range of programs and services that encourage people to take up training, education, voluntary or paid employment. We are looking for individuals who can help in the following areas:

  Skills development, training and employment focused projects such as candle making, weaving, pottery, art & clay work; computer training; mobile repair for example. (Click here to see our full range of programs).  
  Marketing, promotion and fundraising. Volunteers often have valuable skills and expertise from or connections in the corporate or charity sector, which can be of great benefit to the organization. Specific projects may be undertaken to aid the positive marketing and promotion of services and to attract complimentary funding.

  Property upkeep and improvements. Some volunteers may like to help with this important element of the project. Painting, decorating, and gardening are good examples of work that could be undertaken.


  English teachers.

(If you think that you have other skills that may be of benefit to us, please get in touch).

Volunteer and internships are usually for a period of three months initially. We feel that this is sufficient time for both parties to gain a better understanding of the volunteer/internship relationship. It may be possible to extend this for a further period subject to discussion and a demonstrable and continued need.

All successful applicants will be allocated a supervising manager and in some cases a mentor. Each volunteer/internee will receive training about their anticipated role before they commence work.

These roles are unpaid. We are able to offer accommodation and food to applicants who are placed with us, for which a charge will be made.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact:

Mr. Sushil Man Singh Pradhan,


ph. no. 9851070391
Alternatively, please complete the  application form below and send it to

Mr. Sushil Man Singh Pradhan,


Upon receipt of this form, we will contact you to arrange a follow up meeting.

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Key Aims & Objectives of TSDCBD
  • To eliminate superstitious beliefs, such as those which hold that blindness & disability are a curse of God.
  • To demonstrate that blind and disabled people are capable workers.
  • To boost the morale of blind & disabled people by giving them training and to help them to find suitable jobs.
  • To enhance the socialisation process of people with disabilities by creating a positive attitude towards disability.
  • To build the capacities of people with disabilities so that they may claim their rights and entitlements from society and the state.
  • To support people with disabilities to be self-reliant through social, economic and medical rehabilitation.
tsdcbdsuccessfull stories

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