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WelcomeThe Technical Skill & Development Center for the Blind & Disabled (TSDCBD) in Katmandu, Nepal is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to improve the living standards of blind and disabled people in Nepal. We aim to increase their self-esteem and become financially self supporting by offering vocational training for a period of six months.

We believe integration is part of the curriculum, so in our center we work with blind, deaf, disabled and able people alike. Since 1991 blind and disabled people have shown us continuously that they are able to make beautiful things by working together. + Read More
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Walkathon for a cause
Tsdcbd staff and students actively participate on Walkathon organised by Standard Chartered Bank on 19 November 2011. + Read More
New students selected for our next training programme
On 27 June 2011 prospective students and their families came to TSDCBD to see what we have to offer. After a tour of the project,  and an interview, 120 students have been offered a place on our new programme which starts 3 July 2011. + Read More
TSDCBD students successfully complete their training.
Fifty students of TSDCBD from the January 2011 intake successfully completed their six month training programmes in a variety of skills designed to enable them to set up in business, or go on to further education when they return home...... + Read More
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Key Aims & Objectives of TSDCBD
  • To eliminate superstitious beliefs, such as those which hold that blindness & disability are a curse of God.
  • To demonstrate that blind and disabled people are capable workers.
  • To boost the morale of blind & disabled people by giving them training and to help them to find suitable jobs.
  • To enhance the socialisation process of people with disabilities by creating a positive attitude towards disability.
  • To build the capacities of people with disabilities so that they may claim their rights and entitlements from society and the state.
  • To support people with disabilities to be self-reliant through social, economic and medical rehabilitation.
tsdcbdsuccessfull stories

Phulmaya is physically disabled, 31 years of age. Her parents Purna (father) and Charimaya Tamang (mother) had given her birth in 2035 B.S ....................................... + Read More